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When Equiano finally settled in London, he joined the burgeoning movement to abolish slavery. He became a member of the “Sons of Africa,” a group of 12 free black men who lobbied to end the English slave trade. Not only was his memoir one of the first English books written by a black African author, but it was a wildly popular best-seller and helped turn the tide of British public 온라인바카라 sentiment against slavery. Slavery is a moral stain on humanity and, sadly, one that continues even today. Olaudah Equiano is shown on the cover of his memoir, a best-seller in the 1700s and one of the first written by a formerly enslaved African.

Equiano died in 1797, 10 years before Britain formally outlawed the African slave trade. When Olaudah Equiano was just 11 years old, he and his sister were abducted by slave traders from their village in southern Nigeria. In Virginia, Equiano was sold to a Royal Navy officer who treated Equiano well, teaching the young boy to read and write and taking him on sea voyages for the next eight years. Those who knew William Wilberforce during his university days would have been shocked to learn that this rich and spoiled young man with an appetite for drinking, gambling and horse racing would become the moral conscience of Parliament and a tireless advocate for abolition.