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In episode 13, the ultimate episode of Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, Ultraman summoned the ultra slash from his left arm. Rather than throwing it, he used it to chop off king joe Black’s left arm in a similar method to a karate chop to save the ZAP SPACYs Space Pendragon and escape Planet Boris. Ultraman Taro, Urutoraman Tarō: His power dominates the Taro Crystal Tarō Kurisutaru, granting its consumer the hearth-oriented Flame, Fureimu kind. Ultraman Taro, Urutoraman Tarō, 0, UGF: NGH, 1, 13, 16, Movie: For extra info, see right here. She likes Eleking and Ultraman Zero, which typically leads to an argument with Daichi over their favorite monsters. Shotaro Kamiki, Kamiki Shōtarō is the 48-12 months-outdated Xio captain who believes that humanity should peacefully coexist with monsters, a trait he stocks with Daichi.

Daichi can also be part of this staff, although his uniform additionally signifies that he is an officer on the battlefield. He keeps an image that Hiromi drew up to now during his spouse’s death and at all times clinches to his uniform when facing a huge disaster. There is also a promotional image that features the special character enjoying his own Ultra ACT figure. Jugglers challenged Gai in a one-on-one fit the following day and summoned the black king to struggle Orb earlier than he was killed by Nagus, who was revealed to have been ultraman store despatched by Nostra to assassinate Jugglus for his Monster Cards. Near the finale, Mamoru was thought to be killed by Greeza alongside Wataru, who, instead, survived and managed to join their teammates in their ultimate battle.

Mamoru Mikazuki is portrayed by Hayato Harada, Harada Hayato. Mamoru Mikazuki, Mikazuki Mamoru is a 20-year-outdated genius scientist. Rui Takada, Takada Rui is an 18-12 months-outdated cheerful female genius scientist. He partners with Rui during analysis. With the help of Fubukis Tech Diver, Cosmos Corona Mode expelled the Chaos Header with Corona Extract before killing them with Blazing Wave. Two thousand years prior, ice mistakenly defended Sandless underneath the initial perception that he was harmless, how the being turned into a common menace which led the Ultra to cooperate with Cosmos on Earth to defeat him. He was initially the youngest actor to portray an Ultra Host till Yuto Tamaki in Ultraman X the Film would break his report, who additionally shared the identical Ultra Warrior.